« Hey ? Who am I ? « 

« That’s a secret I never tell » xo xo  gossip girl

Pour me présenter quoi de mieux que de partager la lettre que les familles américaines vont pouvoir lire sur mon profile !


« Dear Host Family,
My name is « Anne-Rebecca », but everyone calls me Rebecca.
I am 23 years old and I’ve lived in Bordeaux on my own since I was 16 years old.

I’m independent and responsible. Besides I’m a smiling person and I love to laugh! I’m often enthusiastic about little things of life.
I can be a glutton for comfort food. I’ll do anything for a cheese cream cup cake, microwave pop corn or chocolate with nuts!
I play music on electric and acoustic guitars, the ukulele and I’m starting learning harmonica (my friend’s ears don’t really agree with this choice !)
I like to go to the sport center to work out (after eating the above described cake ☺ )
Also I support my local rugby team (with my beautiful flag).
Moreover my family lives in Grenoble where I fly regularly to spend time with them. There are 401 miles between us.
I have 3 older brothers:

Jean Pascal (43 years old, the athletic one ; married to Manuella, they are the parents of my goddaughter Melina who is 12 years old now),

Cédrik (41 years old, the artist one ; is divorced and is Hugo’s father, my sweet nephew, 12 years old now too),

Jeremy (38 years old who laughs all the time).

The gap between me and my brothers and also the distance are not a problem. On contrary we are very close !
My father is retired and loves picking mushrooms in mountain. He doesn’t take me with him anymore because if by chance I find one I scream too loud. He says that people around will hear me and might come to our place to pick « our » mushrooms. Not a good deal for him !

My mother died 6 years ago of a brain tumor. She was an artist, abstract painter. She was beautiful and kind. I have a lot of very good memories with her.
My job in France is « child care assistant » in Day Care. Every workday I’m responsible for 8 kids under 3 years old.
Most of people think that it’s natural for a girl to look after children but I think they’re wrong.

This job must be a choice because it needs many professional skills.

Parents entrust me with the care of their precious children which means a lot of responsibility.

I am serious, and I always do my best. I truly enjoy working with children.

Sometimes I wonder if I don’t entertain myself more than them…
I like developing music activities with them, baking cakes, cookies or making diner (good excuses to taste), taking them on outings, to the circus or to swim, gardenning or simply read …the possibilities are endless !

I know how to adapt activities to children ages, from early-learning to motricity activities …
This week, even if I proposed to the little girl I look after, different activities every day, she always wanted to do the same puzzle ! She’s in fond of puzzle right now so I have to respect that (even if now I can do it with my eyes closed).
Yet having fun is not enough : I have to ensure security at every moment of the day, hygiene (washing hands, changing diapers or helping to go to the toilets, cleaning after activities …), listening to, be careful with politeness and do anything else a child needs !
I really want to be an au pair to share my experience with infants and kids but also to improve the quality of my work by seeing other ways children are raised.

I want to share the daily life and learn about American culture (and eat some thanksgiving turkey) and integrate myself into a family as an « older sister » (but a cool one and not so old).

I would like to improve my english (yes, english translators are not so convenient )!

I know how difficult it can be for a family to welcome a stranger to share their private family life.

It’s an important decision to make. We have to prepare ourselves to take such a serious decision. I am aware of all those things and I am determined !
And I am ready to go so .. « Adopt me !  »
Thanks you very much for taking the time to read me. Please feel free to contact me if you need to know anything else.
I am eager to meet your family. « 


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